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Since the current lighting knowledge is derived from the technical knowledge of decades ago, and this knowledge leads to a waste of energy consumption and the double maintenance costs for the consumer. Therefore, all cases that the customer or consumer has been involved with in the past, have been investigated and its shortcomings have been eliminated, and the selection of our company’s product can be the best choice and supply needs. The company’s products are used to create lighting for all large peripheral as well as to create a long-range field of view. The purpose of its production is to provide a quality product with high technology in order to significantly reduce energy consumption compared to other existing products. Due to its competitive advantages, this proposal aims to be present in the Doha market, and the company seeks to produce its product in Qatar with the help and support of the sponsor.

PARTO MABDA PARGAS Company (P.M.P) was established on December 17, 2014. The company is based on the focus of research and development, which aims to study the problems, upgrade and improve the quality of life of individuals and organizations around the world. Using the latest technology in the world and cooperating with advanced laboratories, this company has been able to produce reliable and eco- friendly products that can be competitively compared with the products produced by American companies. This product, by registering a patent, has succeeded in eliminating the weakness of LED projectors, switching drives, and also shining the light to objects and area from very long distance. The company has an active R&D team that all its products are designed and manufactured on a scientific and specialized basis. It should also be noted that sample production and mass production for customers in Iran has been completed, which makes the establishment of the production line easier and immediately, after the investor’s readiness to cooperate.

Goals of design and make these products:

Removing power networks and power lines,

Remove power transmission panels,

Warning signs,

Quality projector

As well as reducing fossil fuels consumption and subsequently reducing Co2 emissions generation of resources and power plants which leads problems such as global warming and air pollution.

In April 2017, this product was used to install a 30-kilometer LED light line, which in the previous was 1500 watts and 225 kilowatt hours of power, which was replaced with 80 watts of 1.6 kilowatt hours of power. It has been recorded as the first and one of the most prominent projects to reduce energy consumption in lighting industry.

Using nanotechnology, this product reduces the heat of the light source and increases the efficiency higher than 94%.

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