PMP 1×4-L-E

PMP 1×4-L-E

This projector can be operated using low and safe voltages. In addition, heat generation is extremely low in this projectorand noting that no relays or short junctions had been considered in design of the projector, the risk of electric shock, burning, fire have generally decreased dramatically and removedand many of safety points that must be met in the old projectors, do not exist here.

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Using low consumption PMPLE projector can significantly reduce pollutants produced by the burning of fossil fuels for energy generation in power plantssuch as CO2, NOX,CO,SO2 . Each PMPLE projector reduces 8/4 tonnes of NOX , 1033 tonnes of Co2, 1 ton CO, 12 tonnes of So2 and 0.3 tons of particles in his lifetime; Removing instalation and power plants in power supply of these projectorshas made a new potential in electricity supply of other sectors , and examines fuel removal and cost of fueling the power plants and also caused transport costs and etc., which do not fit to Explain in this time.


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