PMPLE projector currently has an output between 130 and 150 lumens per watt; while the possible amount for other projectors is between 35 to 100 lumens per watt by spending more energy.

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Suppose that the probability of failure of an LED in the 1 to 5000 hours is equal to 0/002, and considering a PMPLE projector with 500 LED, and assuming the projector switching subject to failure of 200 LED, then the possibility of projetor replacement at the time of 1 to 5000 hours would be 002/0 to the power of 200, which is almost equal to zero. So when a PMPLE projector is used in stadard conditions, it won’t need to be replaced for many years and in case of any prouct failure in first 5 years, it is guaranteed to be replaced the at no charges.


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