PMP 2×4-L-E

PMP 2×4-L-E

The highest recorded life of light sources belongs to the projector or LED products, which is about 50,000 hours which has been improved to 100,000 hours, i.e. twice, in PMPLE technology; In fact, supply & Maintenance cost has reduced to zero in PMPLE.

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The light produced by light sources has always been accompanied by utraviolet and infrared rays that are not within the scope of our vision and have no applications for providing lighting but are harmful to human being. According to the latest research from scientists, humans have been banned from exposure to lightings that emit high levels of the ultraviolet and infrared rays, while the effects of radiation on skin cancer has been proven years ago. Whereas PMPLE projectors have no harmful radiation, and it has been proven in LEDs.


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