Used voltage in PMPLE is very low and it is interesting that PMPLE projectors will illuminate with a small amount of their rated voltage and it can be fed with the weakest and the smallest batteries. Therefore,it can be fed without any needs to connect to the overall network, and just by connection to direct batteries and cells and even clean energy which somehow has removed the peak and valley problems of the network load. Also the construction cost of electric power plants in impassable places and far-distances has been reduced.

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PMPLE projectors turn on as receive voltage (less than 20ns) but gas and inflammatory projectors need over 5 minutes to reach their maximum light.PMPLE projectors turn on (fifteen million times) faster.Another problem is that if the inflammatory and gas projectors be turned on more than 5 minutes, they would be heatedand wuold not turn on immediately after turning off. Because the heater and sensor inside the projector lamp do not let to turn on again until the lamp gets cold; sensor takes about 3 minutes to allow voltage entrance and after that, it takes 5 minutes to reach maximum light. existance of these sensors and starter and ballast create sparks and explosion hazard in gas contaminated environments.


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